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Marko Kassenaar is a private guide for high-end clients from the corporate sector, the world of politics and the entertainment industry. He organizes special programs for senior level customers and expats. These programs include museum tours, lectures, historical city walks and concert visits, organized on VIP level. Clients do not have to wait in line and get the best seats for concerts. Currently, Marko organizes these programs for, amongst others, ABN AMRO Bank, the Dutch Central Bank, five-star hotels and individual clients.

Furthermore, Marko Kassenaar gives guided tours and lectures in the leading museums of Amsterdam, with the Rijksmuseum as his home base. For this museum he acts regularly as a special host for visitors from the top of the international arts and business world. Beside his work for the Rijksmuseum, Marko gives guided tours in the Hermitage Amsterdam, the Van Gogh Museum and organizes historic city walks in Amsterdam.

Marko acted as a guide on the acclaimed Dutch TV-series on the Dutch Golden Age in 2012. He also talked about religious Renaissance art on the televised National Bible Quiz in 2013, followed by various presentations for broadcasters from Japan, Russia, France, Itay and Sweden in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

The combination of academic knowledge and a witty and entertaining narrative style has proven very successful. Marko's role models are Stephen Fry and Bill Bryson, who share their knowledge in a light-hearted and accessible manner, with a piquant humour.


Contact Marko for a guided tour or a lecture:

Phone: +31 20 689 76 54
Mobile: 06-31 99 81 00
Twitter: @MarkoKassenaar
Or visit his LinkedIn profile